Healing Hearts Horse Rescue and Youth Ranch
A place where lives can be changed and hearts healed.

Meet Our Horses

Dunit was our very first rescue. We found Dunit on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia in the hands of a horse trader. By the time we got to him he was almost at the point  of being emaciated. When I looked into his big brown eyes I knew he was meant to go home with me.  I put a deposit on him and returned several weeks later to bring him home. Dunit is a gift from God and he has brought healing to many lives as well as my own. I have never met a horse that has such a loving heart as Dunit.

 Buckwheat is a 13 year old quarter horse who has a need for speed. When his previous owner passed away he was left unwanted by the family and was given to a mutual friend of ours to find a good home for him. Some time later we purchased him and he has called our ranch home ever since. 

Coco is a miniature horse that belongs to a very dear friend who is willing to let her live at our ranch because she is very kid friendly and the smaller children are less intimidated by her.  Coco loves to be groomed and her favorite treat is apples. 

Debbie, the daughter of Coco, was donated to our ranch by her previous owner. She is a miniature horse that stands only 45 inches high who loves to be petted and groomed. She also has a bad habit of sneaking in the feed shed.

Rain is the first horse ever to be born at our ranch. The night she was born we had a group of about eight people awaiting her arrival.  We hardly slept for a week and the long nights finally paid off. On January 26, 2008, Rain was born. It was a great experience for the children who were there and on that cold, rainy night we witnessed one of God's greatest miracles as we watched Rain take her first steps.